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To Wrap Or Not To Wrap

It appears we have quite the conundrum.   I posted way back here, that I painted our house.  We purchased this house with clapboard siding.  And we “knew” that at some point, in the not too distant future, we would need to replace the siding.
Welcome five and a half years later (and an old picture with my old blog name).  We still have the clapboard siding on the house, and now we are not so sure we are in such a mad rush to replace the clapboard with vinyl.
Why, you may ask?  Because I started doing a little research.  Now, here’s where I start insulting people by the truckload, and that is far from my intent.  We just don’t like the idea of essentially, wrapping our house in plastic.
There are definitely people with strong opinions on both sides of the fence.  Some people here, and here, and here, think it’s fantastic!  While some people here, and here, think it’s absolutely horrible!  This person definitely has his ideas, and I quote him here, as saying “A neighborhood with vinyl sided homes is no more than a HIGH PRICED TRAILER PARK”.  Apparently he doesn’t have a problem with not holding any punches, so to speak.  Yikes!
So, we are currently torn on what do about the exterior of our house.  When I painted it, I did several things wrong.  One was not to power wash the house first, duh!  And the second was not using oil based primer on the house.  I used water based.  Between those two “oops”, I did not get as long of a lifespan out of my paint job as I should have receive.  I won’t make that mistake again!
Now, we watch the flyers, and wait for a power washer to go on sale!
What are your thoughts on house exterior coverings?  Are you a vinyl lover?  Do you favor clapboard?  Fiberboard? Fiber cement?  Personally, if I we were building again, I’d love to go all brick.



Black Doors With White Trim

I have to say, I’m absolutely in love with the choice I have made to paint my interior doors black!  Benjamin Moore’s Onyx Black, to be precise.


I have painted the hall color through our entire house in Benjamin Moore’s Mountain Peak White.  It is actually a very soft yellow, which comes through more “off camera”.  I wanted very light colors through our home, since we are lacking in natural light, based on the position of our house.

As I have mentioned earlier, we have been replacing all our interior doors, as well as all of the trim throughout our house.  I have used Benjamin Moore’s Dove White on all the trim.  My, is the contrast between the trim and the doors sharp!  It is giving a high end look to a house that did not have a high end price tag.


We have been replacing our interior doors the economical way.  Actually, that is how we have been handling all the renovations to our house…the economical way!  After all, no matter how many high end changes you make to your house, it is only going to be worth so much.  You always need to be mindful of the neighborhood you are in, and what price point the average house is in, in your neighborhood.

Another 100 Pounds Or So

Our house is still shedding weight. By the box load.  As well, so is my parents’ house.  I’m still emptying stuff out of their house.  My brother who took over their house was overwhelmed.  And he didn’t know it.  And perhaps, closer to reality, he just didn’t know where to start.


So, as I’m still thinning out our possessions, I’m also taking little trips across the river to what is now, his house, being a 10 minute drive, to go through piles, and piles of long forgotten treasures.  I then bring everything that is leaving the house, over to our house, and add to my ever growing donate pile.   Oh, the things we think we need!


I was going to donate this load to Salvation Army as well.  And then I remembered that a group I’m involved in, Safe Families Canada, which is starting in our city, is having a big yard sale in just under three weeks, and our huge pile will be transferred over to church where the yard sale is being held.




This cooler is apparently sold.  I’m waiting for a certified cheque to arrive in the mail.  The cheque is due to arrive today.  Once I receive it, I will be contacting the shipping company that the purchaser (sold it through Kijiji) made arrangements with, to pick the cooler up.  Not sure where the cooler is going to yet, although the price to ship it is around $800.  Ouch!


Having these piles gone is definitely going to free up some room in our family room.  As well, to the far right of the first picture, way back in the right hand corner, next to the end of the room, that pile you see is a stack of laminate flooring, which is waiting to be installed in this room.  Also, there are two stacks of vinyl records (I know, ancient, eh?), that came out of my parents’ house, which I’m taking to a record guy in this city, to see if there is any value to any specific records.  If not, I’ll try them on Kijiji for a week, and then put them in the yard sale pile.


I’m planning on going another round, with our shed in the near future.  And some of the items that Mike has “thought” he needed…for the last 5 years (read between the lines)…will be finding a new home.  Included in the mix, is a set of golf clubs he has, that he hasn’t used for at least 15 years!  I couldn’t sell them for much, so I’ll just donate them.  We have a set of wood shelves that run the length of our large shed, that Mike built three or four years ago.  I plan to get them mostly emptied when I tackle the shed.


My main job for today is to get the first coat of paint on our new baseboards in our upstairs hallway, and get our French door, leading into our kitchen, dusted off, so the paint can be touched up.  The French door needed to be uninstalled and chopped down some, to clear the new flooring we laid through the kitchen.


The door was in our family room, leaning against something, for the longest time, until the mountains of snow cleared, so Mike could take it out to the driveway, to use the saw on the end of it.  And it was seeming like the snow piles would never go down!


So, by the end of the weekend, I should have two coats of paint on our upstairs baseboards, making that job finished!  And I also would like to see our new baseboards in our master bedroom painted out.  Then our bedroom could be put back together, so to speak.  Now, wouldn’t that be nice!


What are your plans for the weekend?   Something fun, I hope!